16. November 2012 / Peter Zöch

Conferences on Landscape and Infrastructure

Academic discussion nowadays circle around the notion of infrastructure, around landscape strategies and ecological processes, and the role of Green Infrastructure in the transformation of landscapes and urban regions. Three different international conferences focus on this multidisciplinary field of discussion: the Irish Landscape Institute celebrates its twentieth anniversary this year with a conference on the theme of Green Infrastructure (GI) on November 27 in Dublin. The Technical University Munich Graduate School, Graduate Center of Architecture, is holding a symposium Designing Nature as Infrastructure on November 29 and 30. And thirdly the recipients of the Urban Edge Award, Marion Weiss and Michael Manfredi, will curate the Urban Edge Symposium, Evolutionary Infrastructure, at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Architecture and Urban Planning in April 2013.


The images are taken from Topos 74, Building with Landscape. They show the project Hypar-Nature. This concept design is the winning entry by HNTB and MVVA in the 2010 ARC International Wildlife Crossing Infrastructure Design Competition. The design is informed by driver experience and animal preferences and based on pre-cast concrete hypar forms.


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