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Follow Me: Berlin's Airports

On the 3rd of June 2012 Berlin's new airport in the south-east of the city is due to open. The new Airport will be abbreviated to BER. On the 5th of June Topos Magazine will host a conference in the old buildings of Berlin-Tempelhof. The theme: the new and the old airports. What role will this new airport on the fringes of Berlin play in the development of the city into the future? What will become of Tempelhof, Tegel & Gatow?

Tempelhof has received a lot of coverage, with the competition for the huge open space achieving international attention. The plan for a Garden Show, the IGA 2017, is in full swing. Tegel's future is still not clear: will it become a science and technology precinct like Adlershof, or a conservation area? As for the former British military airbase Gatow, the future seems to be on course: urban agriculture should find its place here.

Reiner Negel (Berlin Administrator for City Development & Environment), Christoph Schmidt (Grün Berlin Gmbh), Carlo W. Becker (bgmr Landscape Architects, Berlin), Eelco Hooftman (Gross.Max., Edinburgh), Peter Schatz (WES & Partner, Oyten), Martin Seebauer (Seebauer Wefers and Partners, Berlin) and Tancredi Capatti (Capatti Staubach, Berlin) will give a lecture covering the recent plans and urban design development.

The lectures will conclude with a round-table discussion, moderated by Berlin journalist Kristina Pezzei.

Afterwards Tone Lindheim from Büro Bjørbekk & Lindheim (Oslo) and Atelier Dreiseitl (Überlingen) will present development plans for Nansenpark: sited on the grounds of the former Oslo Airport "Fornebu". The park forms the framework for further residential development of the inner-urban area.

This Conference will be supplemented by the Topos Landscape Award 2012. The prize winners will be announced at the end of May.

The complete program can be found at www.toposmagazine.com/landscape-award

The last chance to RSVP is the 1st of June. Beware: the number of participants is limited to 150. The price for the conference is 50 Euro (includes drinks & lunch pack).

To conclude the conference a boat ride on the Spree is offered to participants. On the following day (6th of June) guided tours of Tempelhof or the Gleisdreieck park are available.

The event is supported by the companies Lorberg (Berlin), Runge (Osnabrück) and Godelmann (Högling) and the Association of Garden and Landscaping (BGL)

Partners: BDLA, BGL, BVLEG, Sen Stadt Um Berlin, Grün Berlin GmbH, Tempelhof Projekt GmbH

Photo: Thomas Armonat

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