03. December 2012 / Ricky Ricardo

Landscape, Architecture and Wine

Madrid-based Rivas y Urena Arquitectos have won first place in the Arquideas International Competition: “Landscape, Architecture and Wine.” The site for the competition was the famous winery Cvune in La Rioja, Spain. The winning design proposal seeks to create a place where wine, gastronomy and culture come together in symbiosis, and would offer cultural events for local people, culinary experiences for visitors and learning opportunities for young cooks. Architecturally the design seeks to build with the landscape rather than merely sit a building on top of it. An excavated courtyard space with reflective pool defines the core – from here the winery buildings blend back into the hillside in four directions, slightly peeling upward at the centre to capture the stunning views throughout the valley. Beside each of these four vertical building frontages the ground plain steps gradually upward into the surrounding landscape, respecting the topography of the site. A robust diagonal grid of pine is used on the building façade, resembling a wine rack, to provide shade for the interior spaces while supporting the growth of grape vines. 

The competition jury consisted of: Martha Thorne (Pritzker Architecture Prize), Fernando Márquez Cecilia (Chief editor, El Croquis), Benedetta Tagliabue (Miralles Tagliabue EMBT architecture office), María Urrutia Ybarra (Cvune Wine Company), Sara Ouass Chemlal (Winner of COB Madrid academic competition).

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