26. October 2012 / Peter Zöch

Metro movie “Trains of Thoughts”

Urban infrastructures serve the collective city life and develop a life of their own, be it as ecological niches or as sociological biotopes. The Austrian documentary filmmaker Timo Novotny reflects in his audio-visual essay “Trains of Thoughts” upon one of these sociological biotopes. He explores and compares metro-systems around the world. The journey leads the viewer to New York, Los Angeles, Moscow, Vienna, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Novotny surveys the underground world. He unveils short stories about commuters using the transport system and people who live in this world underneath. “It is an exploration of a world inside the world as well as the feelings – fascination, obsession, fear, and themes – of survival, control and silence – that revolve it”, the filmmaker states. The movie provides not just for a rich visual experience but presents also an appealing soundscape with the soundtrack by the Austrian experimental electronic band Sofa Surfers.

The Australian premier of the movie takes place tonight at the Cockatoo Island Film Festival, Sydney.

“Trains of Thoughts” is also performed as an audio-visual live remix show. The world premier of this live performance happened during the opening party of the Austrian contribution to the Venice Architecture Biennial.

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