06. December 2012 / Ricky Ricardo

Reconnecting Barcelona with Collserola Natural Park

Architecture studio Taller Sau have won first place in the Les 16 portes de Collserola, porta 13 competition. The competition was about rethinking the border between the natural park of Collserola and the City of Barcelona. This edge was divided up into 16 parts, called "doors", and proposals for each door were submitted. Taller Sau's proposal was for the 13th Door, located in the north of Barcelona, a site which also happens to be one of the main entrances to the city by car. The mess of highway infrastructure has fragmented and isolated the neighbourhood of la Trinitat from the wider city. At the same time the systems of green space are also broken up by the road system, and is not easy to navigate. The winning design proposes to define the edge between the city and the mountains as a surface, a space occupied by domesticated fields, a place between nature and the city where you can find community vegetable gardens and open air green spaces. The Collserola Natural Park would be connected with the Besús River and Serra marina (the mountains on the other side of the highway). The proposal would link up numerous green spaces around the edge of the city to create a vast system of open space for Barcelona.



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