19. December 2012 / Ricky Ricardo

Sienapriset 2012: Hornsbergs Strandpark in Stockholm

Hornsbergs Strandpark has recently won the most prestigious landscape award in Sweden: the Sienapriset 2012. The park, by Stockholm architects Nyréns, is a 700 meter long linear space which sits between a new urban development and the water's edge, gracing the city with a new curvy shoreline.

Three long floating piers allow visitors to walk out onto the lake, where they can sit and experience the movement of the water. The park consists of four parts: to the west lies a jetty for sunbathing with timber docks jutting out into the lake in different lengths. East of here is Kajparterren formed as a contrast to the organic Strandparken; it is a slightly raised horizontal disc leaning slightly toward the water. Far to the east is an existing public space that has been renovated to improve accessibility.

All above images: © Åke E:son Lindman

The project also includes the Moa Martinson square. For the proposed square design, Nyréns have focused on the spatial situation with a small spot at the edge of Ulvsundasjön and on the artistic adornment associations with the author Moa Martinson. Since the square surface is raised to provide access to the buildings, it forms a difference of level with the street. Since completion the park has become a popular place for barbecuing, swimming and jogging – with swimmers and joggers making regular use of the outdoor sun-heated shower.

Construction, 2009. Credit: © Google Images

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