18. January 2013 /

SMART CITY – Call for Exhibition Proposals

The internationally acclaimed gallery, Aedes Architecture Forum, together with the Goethe Institut/South-East Asia are preparing an exhibition titled ‘SMART CITY: The Next Generation’ under the guidance of curator Ulla Giesler. The exhibition will be held in Berlin at their Architecture Forum between May and July 2013 within the framework of the Asia-Pacific-Week Berlin 2013.

The exhibition is seeking innovative architectural and urban Smart City Projects in Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines that focus on the following aspects: human behaviour, new construction technologies, sustainability and social cohesion in the urban context.

How does your project “smarten up” your city?

Why does your city need your project and what challenges are specific to your country-specific urban context?

What are the new behaviours your building, planning, initiative encourages?

In the current discussion, Smart City refers mostly to the resilience of cities and their reaction towards local and global challenges such as flooding, limited resources and population explosion. Accessibility of knowledge and continuous adaptation serve as the modus for influencing new behaviours. Interactivity, sharing and technology are the new enablers in fields of urban planning and architecture. The aim is to present how the next generation of people (working in architecture, urban design and planning) can respond best.

Send brief descriptions of either completed or planned architectural and urban projects (with short text plus images) until the end of January 2013 to Ms. Ulla Giesler at smart@aedes-arc.de

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