20. December 2012 / Ricky Ricardo

The Louvre Lens Museum Park

The Louvre Lens, a new sister museum of the Musée du Louvre in Paris, has recently opened in the industrial city of Lens in northern France. The low-laying buildings clad in glass and stainless steel were designed by japanese architects SANAA of Tokyo, working with New York architects Imrey-Culbert.

The museum park, designed by landscape architect Catherine Mosbach, Paris, sits atop a horizontal slag heap in a former mining site. Having been abandoned for over 20 years the area was largely reclaimed by vegetation – particularly around where the former rail line ran. The design of the park pays respect to the former condition of the site; it retains and responds to the remnant vegetation, while articulating the memory of mining in the landscape. The garden cleverly uses mosses to capture and reduce heavy metals in the soil.

Oliver Wainright (architecture and design writer for The Guardian Online) gives a tour of the new museum here.


Photos by Hisao Suzuki

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