14. May 2012 /

The Topos Landscape Award 2012 goes to Taktyk

This is the first time that Topos – The International Review of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design has awarded the Topos Landscape Award to a practice hailing from the French-speaking world. Thierry Kandjee and Sébastien Penfornis are partners in the transnational, multidisciplinary practice Taktyk, who direct a team of 11. Sébastien Penfornis (39) is an Architect & Urban Designer and leads their Paris studio. He also gives guest lectures and conducts research on the topic of serendipity in the process of landscape design.  Thierry Kandjee (39) is a landscape architect, consultant and university lecturer based in Brussels, he currently teaches at Versailles. He addresses, among other things, the relationship between landscape structure and social spaces.

From left: Architect and urban designer Sébastien Penfornis (39) and landscape architect Thierry Kandjee (39) are running the Paris and Brussels based office Taktyk.

The Topos Landscape Award 2012 will be awarded to Taktyk because of the way they exemplify how planning offices can be connected in current times, and how they must address the major challenges that face urban designers and landscape planners. Taktyk engages in city making through practice, research, design studio, editing and art installation. Their field of activity is the urban landscape, with its vast variety of challenges. Taktyk works at the intersection of landscape and urban infrastructure. They see themselves as curators and mediators of complex change processes. Their projects range in scale from public open space in Lille, to metropolitan areas such as Brussels and Melbourne.   

The wide range of responsibilities taken on by the office, and the broad engagements of the partners in very diverse areas is now recognised with the Topos Landscape Award 2012. The award recognises young teams or individuals who can demonstrate success, and are likely to drive momentum in the development of the profession on an international level.

The Topos Award has been around since 2002. So far the award has gone to practices such as: Stig L. Andersson Tegnestue (Copenhagen), Karres en Brands (Hilversum), Gross.Max. (Edinburgh), McGregor and Coxall (Sydney), stoss LU (Boston) and Antje Stokman (Hamburg).

The Topos Landscape Award 2012 will be presented on the 5th of June as part of the Topos conference "Follow Me: Berlin and its airports." The award winners will also present their work (in English). Complete program and registration

As has been the tradition with previous prize winners, Taktyk will receive a special section of the next edition of Topos dedicated to presenting their work and ideas. See Topos 80, due out September 2012.

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