22. December 2012 /

Viewing Tower on the Vecht Riverbank in Dalfsen

Completed earlier this month, Ateliereen have designed a twenty meter high viewing tower that provides a commanding view over the river Vecht, in the municipality of Dalfsen (NL).

The starting point for the design is a straight rectangular steel structure and staircase, which is covered with wooden slats. From a distance the tower appears to be closed, but from the inside visitors can see the landscape through the wood. On the lower part of the facade there is a larger distance between the slats than on the upper sections. The footprint is therefore modest and transparent, the tower blends perfectly into the forest. Going up, the view is more and more reduced. The density of the wood provokes the curiosity of the visitor – able to peek into the landscape through the gaps of the timber slats. On the platform, which stands at a height of 18 meters, there is a wide open view over the Vecht. At the top the tower has sloping sides to direct the sight of the visitor towards the river. The high 'back' prevents the disturbance of birds in the adjacent forest.

Completed: December 2012
Client: Municipality of Dalfsen (The Netherlands)
Architect: Ateliereen Architecten, Eindhoven (The Netherlands)
Building contractor: Wonders Metaal B.V, Berlicum (The Netherlands)
Structural Engineering: Adviesburo Elemans B.V., Oss (The Netherlands)


Pictures copyright: Ateliereen architecten

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