27. February 2013 /

Guangzhou Huadi Fangcun Sustainable Master Plan Competition

Guangzhou Liwan Planning department  announced two winning schemes for the Guangzhou Huadi Fangcun Sustainable Master Plan Competition:
Scheme 1: West 8 urban design & landscape architecture (all images)
Scheme 2: GZPI; Rainer Schmidt Landscape Architects

Guangzhou Huadi Fangcun (Flower City), located in Southern China, is a former delta landscape with a traditional horticultural legacy. With speedy expansion of the horticultural industry, the current scattered and disorganised land use of the area is detrimental to the environment, and eco systems are severely polluted. The Guangzhou Government is in search of a sustainable solution to the current problem in this era of rapid urban development. The plan encompasses a site of 2,050 hectares (20.5 km2), with more than 450 hectares being wetland area.

Read more about West 8’s entry here. Details for scheme 2 by GZPI; Rainer Schmidt Landscape Architect you can find here.


All images courtesy of West 8.

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