2016 ASLA EXPO Opening

The ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO is the largest landscape architecture trade show in the world. The first day of 2016 ASLA was all about education sessions, tours and workshops. The real highlight started on the second day: the ASLA EXPO.

Until Sunday nearly 450 international exhibitors will show street furniture, playground equipment, detailed solutions and much more of ‘what-a-landscape-architect-needs-to-have’ to more than 6,000 attendees. The first day ended with the ‘Alumni Tailgate’ – exhibitors, students und alumni had the chance to network while enjoying food and drinks from New Orleans.

Topos Magazine at ‘Meet the editors’

Also, the Topos-‘Meet-the-editor’ took place on the second day. Thanks to the fully booked session, Topos Magazine received unique project pitches from all over the globe! Many thanks for participating!

Advertorial Artikel

Parallax Article

Missed the first day of ASLA Meeting? Here is a short summary!