Bavarian Landscape Architecture Prize 2020: Two First Prizes

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Bavarian Landscape Architecture Prize 2020 could not be awarded last year. In early July of this year, the Bavarian Regional Association of the bdla (Association of German Landscape Architects) has now made up for this with a digital prizegiving ceremony. We present to you the winning projects of the Bavarian Landscape Architecture Prize 2020 – as there are in fact two winners.


In January 2020, the bdla’s Bavarian Regional Association first offered the Bavarian Landscape Architecture Prize, an award born in cooperation with the Bavarian Chamber of Architects.

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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic however, it was not possible to adhere to the original time frame, which saw a prize-giving ceremony planned for the end of October 2020. Instead the board of the Bavarian bdla agreed new dates in May 2020. This meant that the second jury meeting could be held based on on-site visits. Following this, the expert jury chose a pre-selection, before finally announcing their nominations in October 2020. All members of the Bavarian bdla could then vote online, resulting in the winners of the Bavarian Landscape Architecture Prize as well as the winning designs of the individual categories.

Winners of the Bavarian Landscape Architecture Prize 2020

The award of the Bavarian Landscape Architecture Prize 2020 took place last Friday, 9th July 2021, in the form of a public, digital award ceremony. Guests from the fields of politics and administration, as well as planning and construction were present. During the ceremony, the Bavarian bdla honored two architecture firms with the Bavarian Landscape Architecture Prize: both had received the same number of winning votes by bdla members. The most convincing projects came from firms Latz+Partner and mahl gebhard.

1st Prize: Memorial Place Mühldorfer Hart near Waldkraiburg (Latz+Partner)

There is a piece of woodland near Mühldorfer Hart – 1,100 ha large – where from 1944 stood a satellite site of the concentration camp Dachau. After the war, any structural remains disappeared. It was Latz+Partner’s task to take the painful memories and make them visible again. Their approach was to turn an ominous site into a sensitive memorial place.

They achieved this by thoroughly researching the overall context and creating a clear spatial arrangement. The symbolic concept succeeds thanks to minimal material usage and space for individual thoughts and feelings. Latz+Partner confronted the historical events gracefully, whilst at the same time using the memorial place to inform and heighten visitor’s perceptions.


A total of three memorial places will tell the story of this satellite site. The sites of “Massengrab” (mass grave) and “Waldlager” (forest camp) are already completed. “Massengrab” shocks with its clearing of trimmed trees, the stumps symbolizing the victims of National Socialism. “Waldlager” on the other hand, makes tangible the dimensions of the camp: white marks on tree trunks surround the former muster ground and the earthen huts of the winter camp have been cleared of vegetation and made visible again.

The third memorial site, “Rüstungsbunker” (armament bunker), is not yet completed. First of all, it must be ensured that no weapons or explosives remain on the site, since the allies blew up the bunker after the war. Once this has been established, a new walkway will allow visitors an overview of the bunker ruins.

1st Prize: Baumkirchen Mitte in Munich (mahl gebhard konzepte)

On the site of the former rail depot Munich 4 there is a 6,000m large park. But it is not water fountains, flower beds or perfect lawns that impress visitors to this park, instead it boasts almost untouched nature. mahl gebhard konzepte created a special habitat for rare animal species – in between gravel surfaces, train tracks and rubble.


Finally, visitors are granted entry to the park by means of a sensitive development concept. This way they can access the site’s history whilst at the same time sharpening their ecological awareness. With most visitors coming from Baumkirchen Mitte itself, a communal, almost neighborly, atmosphere is created. mahl gebhard konzepte connect these two habitats: urbanism meets nature.

Bavarian Landscape Architecture Prize 2020: Awards in Individual Categories

Prizes were awarded to the following firms:

  •  Sustainable urban development: Grüne Hänge in Freising. Design by: WGF Landschaft Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH (Nurenberg) and Die Stadtentwickler GmbH (Kaufbeuren)
  •  Construction within existing context/monument: Memorial Place Mühldorfer Hart near Waldkraiburg. Design by: Latz+Partner LandschaftsArchitektur Stadtplanung (Kranzberg)
  •  Residential environment: Baumkirchen Mitte in Munich. Design by: mahl gebhard konzepte (Munich)
  • Work environment: Hofstelle Karpfsee near Bad Heilbrunn. Design by: Burkhardt | Engelmayer | Mendel PartmbB (Munich)
  • Landscape planning/development: Gigantic carbon reservoir – renaturalisation of a former peat bog for private carbon offset. Design by Logo verde Ralph Kulak Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH
  • Plant application/building greening: Residential complex Hinterangerstraße in Ingolstadt. Design by grabner huber lipp landscape architects and urban planners partnership mbb (Freising)
  • Landscape architecture for children: Partizipative Child’s Play in Puchheim, public park “Kennedywiese” in Puchheim. Design by Team bauchplan ).( (Munich)

You can find an overview of all nominations including photos on the bdla’s website.

Bavarian Landscape Architecture Prize 2020: Aim and requirements

The aim of the Bavarian Landscape Architecture Prize is to honor projects and developments in Bavaria. They should distinguish through their innovative and high quality outdoor and landscape spaces – both new and existing creations. The prize should also explicitly offer the next generation of planners an opportunity to further their professional ideals and visions.

To this aim the bdla Bavaria sought outstanding projects in seven categories:

  • Sustainable urban development
  • Construction within existing context/monument
  • Residential environment
  • Landscape architecture for children
  • Work environment
  • Landscape planning/development
  • Plant application/building greening

Planners could submit projects completed in Bavaria within four years of the 1st January 2020. Both national and international landscape architects could apply, as well as working groups. Thorsten Glauber, Bavarian minister of state for the environment and consumer protection, is patron of the Bavarian Landscape Architecture Prize 2020.

The competition takes place every two years, so the next award for the Bavarian Landscape Architecture Prize 2022 is expected in January 2022.

Click here for more information about the prize.