CALL FOR IDEAS: Catalogue of Possibilities

The Liebling Haus in collaboration with feld72 is launching a Call for Ideas for the Catalog of Possibilities – the aim is to explore the potential of public space, during the pandemic and beyond, and to think together about future uses of (urban) open space. The Call for Ideas is supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum Tel Aviv.

The Call for Ideas for the Catalogue of Possibilities is more than a competition – it is a collection of ideas that aims to become a tool for public discourse on the resilient city of tomorrow, committed to public welfare. A catalogue providing practitioners and conceptual thinkers with the opportunity to express their ideas and to be both seen and heard.

How can we use public space collectively in this “new” normality?
‍Which structures are needed in times of social distancing?
‍Which places support us in taking care of each other?
‍What is your idea for the resilient city of tomorrow?

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Parallax Article

Proposal for Caring Infrastructures for the public space

The Covid-19 pandemic acts as a catalyst to reflect on existing structures, organisations and habits in the public space. It provides an opportunity to create sustainable, positive change in our cities with an impact that will be felt far beyond the crisis. The Liebling Haus in collaboration with feld72 invites all interested architects, artists, conceptual thinkers, scholars, urbanists, and creative individuals from all backgrounds to submit a proposal for Caring Infrastructures for the public space. We aim to foster essential everyday aspects of a civilised society, often overlooked at the height of the pandemic, and to create shared focal points in the city.

Proposals should be generally situated in the public realm and are not limited by geographic locations, although there is a special focus on the cities of Tel Aviv and Vienna. When submitting the proposal, any medium can be chosen to visualise and describe the idea. Selected projects will be awarded in the following categories with a total amount of 15,000 Euros:

    (to be realised in Tel Aviv’s public space)
    (to be realised in Vienna’s public space)
    (not to be realised, no geographical restriction)

Deadline of submission: April, 30, 2021

The Call for Ideas started on January 25, 2021. All entries must be submitted to the Catalogue of Possibilities by 12:00 pm CET on April 30, 2021, using the submission form. All submitted proposals will be published on the website. Project participants will retain all rights to their ideas and designs.

Proposals will be evaluated by an international interdisciplinary jury, consisting of representatives of the partner organisations and the cities of Tel Aviv and Vienna, as well as invited experts. The final decision on the outcomes will be publicly announced in June, 2021 on the website.

For more informartion read the Call for Ideas.