Design Competition for Clandon Park

The National Trust, a British conservation charity is in search of a propose to restore and renew Clandon Park. During a fire in 2015, the historic mansion was substantially damaged and left as a shell. After a restoration, the majestic building from the early 18th century should house exhibitions and events in the upper floors, while the ground floor should be fully restored to the original designs. The international design competition will be launched on the 9th of March 2017 and will run for six months.

A First-Grade Historic Landmark

Clandon Park is an early 18th-century Palladian house in West Clandon, Surrey. It represents a milestone in British building history, moving the architecture from Baroque to Palladianism. The mansion’s interiors featured a two-storey marble hall and a remarkable rococo plasterwork ceilings, created by Italian artists. Since the sixties, Clandon Park function as an exhibition space for militaria of the Surrey Infantry Museum and for 18th-century furniture and porcelain. Also, movie shots and marriages were arranged at the famous site.

Challenging Competition

Due to the mansion’s heritage and the requirements of a modern exhibition space, many details must be taken in consideration. The ground floor should be fully restored to the original designs from the 1740s, while the less architecturally significant upper floors should house exhibitions, events and performances. The open competition comes in two stages and will be supervised by Malcolm Reading Consultants (MRC), who are specialised in competitions for museums and heritage.

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