Flowers for NYC

Mysterious things went on in Manhattan for the last few months: Massive bouquets and flower arrangements appeared all over the island. Some are placed in trash cans, turning them into giant flower vases, while other are arranged around famous places like the John Lennon Memorial or the Alice in Wonderland Statue. The performance already provoked comparisons to the actions of street art icon Banksy. But in contrast to the graffiti artist, the florist does not hide. The beautiful flower-filled works of art are made by New York City-based florist studio Lewis Miller Design.

From Wedding Florist to Guerrilla Florist

Usually the Lewis Miller Design Studio creates flower arrangements for events like proms, weddings or company and private parties. In October 2016 however, the studio started a campaign called Flower Flashes, in which sidewalks, trash cans, statues and public places are adorned with massive bouquets and flower decorations. In a blogpost on his website, the owner Lewis Miller explains: “Gifting flowers to New Yorkers is a simple idea that I have been thinking about for years. I hoped for smiles, the ones that happen when you witness a random act of kindness. That was my goal, my vision. Create an emotional response through flowers.” The installations were made from flowers from previous events but still cost up to $10,000 for bigger arrangements.

Blur of Colour in the Urban Canyons

The most notable feature of the Flower Flashes campaign is the stark contrast between the dull cityscape and the colourful decorations. Especially the trash cans were transformed from an eyesore to an objet d’art. Despite their very temporary character, the bouquets and flower arrangements were recognised by many people and had a large online coverage. So, in the end, Lewis Miller’s idea to create smiles on New Yorker faces worked out pretty well.