Green Learning Oasis

A green learning oasis in Berlin-Kreuzberg by Gruppe F offers the students of Galilei primary school an interactive space for learning and playing in the open. In 2015, Gruppe F won the ideas competition for the green classroom and realized the project between fall 2017 and spring 2018.

Green Classroom Gruppe F
Sitting steps and wooden beams replace chairs and tables in the outdoor classroom. (Image by Gruppe F)

Wild grass, huge plants, and colorful blossoms adorn the raised flower beds around the Green Classroom of the Gailei Schule in Berlin-Kreuzberg. When walking through the school’s entrance, one would not expect such a green retreat on the school premises amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.  After wriggling through the building and crossing the second part of the courtyard, one reach the school garden. Here it is obvious that the concept of the Green Classroom is used and embraced even one year after its introduction.

In 2015, an ideas competition for the Green Classroom was held. Back then, the site contained a small pond. When landscape designers Gruppe F won said competition, the pond and a wall were removed and the green learning venue for the students of the Galilei primary school was realized between fall 2017 and spring 2018.

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Outdoor Classes

On an area of 0.3 hectare, classes can take place here in the fresh air. Instead of chairs, students use sitting steps and wooden beams that are shaded by two willow trees and offer space for an entire class. The raised beds in the sun house a variety of different plants and those in the shade contain berry fields.  A gardening shed and compost patch complete the green learning learning oasis.

Urban Space as an Interactive Learning Venue

In the Green Classroom, theory meets practice. Subjects discussed in class can be illustrated with real examples and put into practice.
In addition, students can pitch in themselves and learn how to take care of plants. The beds are assigned to different classes, so that a variety of colorful flower boxes has grown.

This way, the Green Classroom not only is an alternative classroom but also an interactive and social learning venue for the students.
Especially for cities like Berlin that offer little room for private gardening, the Galilei School’s project is the perfect opportunity to teach young students about nature and spark their interest in gardening.