Il Giardino Volante


The Flying Garden was designed by architects Lapo Ruffi and Angiola Mainolfi. The garden is situated in the heart of the Tuscan town of Pistoia and was designed for the city’s children,
offering them a space filled with nature and art. The lawn of the garden is dotted with old trees and colourful art pieces.


A concrete walkway acts as a border and separates the lawn from two surrounding buildings and a stretch with varied plantings. Stroll- ing along the walkway, the visitors can enjoy constantly alternating views of the garden and its eight sculptures. The buildings were restored with the intention of providing a neutral backdrop to the garden design. They are bordered by a wooden terrace that separates them visually from the surrounding greenery.


The artistic framework of the garden was created in collaboration with artists Luigi Mainolfi, Gianni Ruffi, Alessandro Mendini and Francesco Mendini, who each contributed to it with playful art pieces.

Photos: Lapo Ruffi

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