International Workshop on Waste Architecture

Arcoplan Associates is launching the next event of WA Platform (‘Waste Architecture Platform’): the International Workshop on Waste Architecture / Waste Management in Landscape and Urban Areas. The workshop is conceived as a parallel event of Sardinia 2019, 17th International Waste Management and landfill Symposium, to be held from 30th September to 4th October 2019 with an extimated attendance of 800 delegates from tens of different countries worldwide.

International Workshop Waste Architecture
International Workshop on Waste Architecture (Credits: Waste Architecture Platform)

The Workshop consolidates for this third edition a stimulating partnership making the Sardinia Symposium the ideal context in which to discuss Architecture and Waste in an international setting amongst not only environmental experts, but also architects, landscape architects, and urban planners.

Waste Architecture is a new and relatively unexplored conceptual and design topic which promises to give rise to a lively debate between environmental professionals, architecture and urban design experts.

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Strucutre and preliminary programme

The Workshop will be held at Forte Village Resort on 1-2 October 2019.
The first day will be devoted to the presentation of oral contributions organised in thematic sessions lasting 90 minutes, followed by opportunities for discussion and debate.
On the second day a practical landscape design lab session will be coordinated by professionals in the field. The workshop will comprise an introductory lesson held by University academics aimed at providing participants with the required basic skills to address the subsequent planning and design topic.

Participants will therefore have the opportunity to apply the theoretical notions learnt during the introductory lesson to an actual case study promoted by a company, and to exchange views and opinions with colleagues and experts as part of a working team.

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‘Waste Architecture Platform’ is a complex project conceived as container of initiatives devoted to environmental architecture in connection with interventions concerning the collection, disposal and management of waste.