Urban health

How a High Ropes Course contributes to the health of your city

Urbanisation and Health Awareness are two dominating megatrends which are influencing the future of cities. Urban Planners have to manage the balancing act between the advantages of urban infrastructure, rural benefits and attractive, exciting, healthy leisure facilities. Read more to find out how a High Ropes Course can contribute to the health of your city.

Megatrends urbanisation and health awareness

Shanghai, Berlin, Tokyo, Moscow: thriving mega-cities that are almost bursting at the seams due to exponentially increasing influxes. Cities offer incredibly good and attractive job perspectives, efficient infra- and mobility structures and great variety of leisure activities. Therefore, according to studies, around 70% of the world‘s population is expected to live in cities by 2050. Additionally, health is a big topic nowadays and therefore an irrevocable part of urban planning as the concept „Holistic Health“ considers not only body and mind but the entire lifestyle, habits and environment. 


Challenges for urban planning

The two megatrends of urbanisation and health present urban planners with a new challenge. The balancing act between the advantages of urban infrastructure, rural benefits and attractive, exciting, healthy leisure facilities that are also close to home, have to be managed. And all of this in a way to use the rarely existing open spaces within cities in the best possible way.

Free standing High Ropes Courses

Free standing High Ropes Courses are one way to use these open spaces effectively. On a relatively small footprint, they offer lots of fun and variety and combine many advantages that can sustainably increase the quality of life and well-being. They do not only offer smallest residents the opportunity to train movement patterns, coordination and dexterity, but also provide older climbers with excitement, fun, adventure and an outdoor experience.


Another advantage of the High Ropes Courses from KristallTurm® is that they can be easily integrated anywhere in urban areas, as no existing trees are necessary on the one hand. On the other hand, no green spaces need to be sealed for the construction. Furthermore, the operation of a climbing tower is largely emission-free.

The climbing tower is also predestined for a combination with playgrounds or bouldering walls to create a holistic offer for the whole family. The result is a retreat in the city where the outdoor experience is in the foreground.

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All photos: KristallTurm®