Winning Shanghai Tower Park

The Shanghai Tower is an impressive icon of China’s booming economy. Standing 632 metres tall, the futuristic building claims the record for the second highest skyscraper in the world. But not only the dimensions are notable, the building also sets new standards in terms of sustainability for such tall structures. Especially the Shanghai Tower Park, designed by the SWA Group, provides a lot of green features. It recently was awarded the LEED-Gold label for its layout.

Tower with Environmental Awareness

The Shanghai Tower has many characteristics that are beneficial to the environment. Through its curved design, the structure reduces the area which is exposed to wind, reducing the need of building materials. The roof and façade are collecting rainwater which can be used for air conditioning and heating. On the top of the tower, wind turbines are installed, providing energy for the building. The highlight of the Shanghai Tower is its double-walled glass-façade which works like a thermos flask and saves energy. The shell also got certified with the LEED-Platinum label.

Similarly Ambitious Tower Park

The Shanghai Tower Park does not need to hide behind its eponym. Despite the huge footstep of the building and a big amount of hardscape involved, the architects of the SWA Group managed to create a space with 33 per cent green cover which is required for a LEED-Gold certification. The park is designed to provide a variety of settings for public gatherings and connects the mixed-use project with its urban neighbourhood. Features include an event-centre roof garden and a sunken garden with a bamboo island within a water pool. Little siblings of the Shanghai Tower park can also be found in the tower itself: dramatic sky gardens, implemented into the double-walled glass-façade, repeat plantings in a vertical pattern.

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