Merging with the landscape

The context of natural environment creates the architecture, at least ideally. The residential building “Mirage“, constructed by Kois Associated Architects from Athens, is a fascinating example. And the creators received the American Architecture Prize 2016 for it. By using the reflections of nature, the architects created a house which merges with the surrounding landscape.

The private residential building is located on the small and stony Cyclades island of “Tinos“ – near a cliff with a panoramic view onto the Aegean sea. The architects use common materials of the landscape such as dry stone walls and glass, which seem to soften the transition between building and landscape. But the highlight is the so-called “infinity pool“ on the top of the roof. While looking at the blue surface, it appears like the pool is merging with the sea as well as with the Greek sky.

In a video the architects tell us what the thought while designing their new piece.