National Gallery of Denmark


Based on their winning proposal from 2011, Dutch landscape architects Karres+Brands redesigned the garden for the Statens Museum for Kunst (SMK) in Copenhagen, Denmark, together with the Danish office Polyform Architects. The 
design concept “SMK tilbage i parken” (Statens Museum for Kunst back in the park) reconnects the museum grounds with the adjacent Østre Anlæg Park, located on Copenhagen’s former fortifications.


The conceptual idea was to integrate the museum into the park, as well as revise the whole entrance area. The landscape architects focused on a soft, 
almost organic design language that counterbalances the enormous and rigid museum building. Their concept used the 
existing height differences of the site to create create a topographically dynamic landscape. A new pond with a diameter of 32 metres that is positioned slightly off centre, mirrors the Copenhagen skyline.


Photos: SMK, Ida Tietgen Hõyrup, karres+brands

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