Architecture in the North

The exhibition Nordic Urban Spaces at the Nordic Embassies Berlin shows Nordic architecture and urban planning. The exhibition is open until 28 September.

Like good Scandinavian design, the urban design projects of the “Nordic Urban Spaces” exhibition in Berlin stand out for their restrained, striking forms and pragmatic approaches. They are not functional buildings. Their planners have accepted the challenge of creating added value beyond pure utility, be it in terms of design, function, ecology, energy or participation. A simple example of this is the “Cykelslangen”, a 230 meter long and four meter wide bicycle ramp that opened in 2014. The slender, steel bridge winds its way through Copenhagen harbour. The construction of the Copenhagen office Dissing+Weitling architecture enables cyclists to quickly cross the Fisketorvet shopping centre area without coming into conflict with pedestrians.
In addition to the experience of having the ramp completely to oneself, it offers cyclists a spectacular view over the harbour. It lies between the modern building facades and above the water surface as an iconic design element.


Videos projected onto a wall convey the contents of the project much more impressively than the sparsely described photos, plans and diagrams on blackboards. Thanks to headphones, they allow us to immerse ourselves in the image videos, some of which are very atmospheric and well explained. Too bad, more of this would have benefited the exhibition in order to grasp the essence of the plans more quickly. As a current collection of Scandinavian best-practice examples, the project show is definitely worth a visit.

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In cooperation with the Institute for Urban and Regional Planning of the TU Berlin, the Nordic Embassies in Berlin are showing 41 projects of different scales until 28 September: urban planning, parks and riverside promenades, bridges, public buildings, housing construction and underground stations are among them. But there are also examples of participation and ecological initiatives for adults and children. What they have in common is that most of the concepts in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland have already been implemented or are still to be implemented.

Important Facts:

Where: Nordic Embassies, Rauchstraße 1, 10787 Berlin, Germany

When: 6 June to 28 September 2018, Monday to Friday 10-19.00 h, Saturday and Sunday 11-16.00 h