Open Call: Architecture and Urbanism Beyond COVID-19

How does Covid-19 change urban planning, architecture, urbanism, and living together on a social and scientific level? What is to be asked – in the crisis and beyond? The Korean Institute of Architects and the Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture call to draw a map of imaginary future together by gathering pieces that one observe calmly, record and reflect on the gap between ‘built city’ and ‘lived city’ in one’s resident city.

WHAT IS TO BE ASK­ED? Ar­chi­tec­tu­re and Ur­ba­n­ism Bey­ond CO­VI­D19. Open Call for Col­labo­ra­ti­ve Re­search & Pr­o­po­sal. Credits: bey­ond­co­vi­d19-open­

The aim of the open call is to create a forum for public debates (or discussions) that jointly respond to urban planning and architectural crises through new questions rather than immediate solutions, through cooperation rather than competition, and through open processes rather than results.

This open tender is carried out in a process-oriented manner. During the time of COVID-19, a global open platform will be created, where experts, researchers and interested citizens can connect, communicate and reflect together on their respective architectural and urban crises. Furthermore, the open platform shall draw the topography of the crisis of the living environment and new challenges in cooperation and alliance. This cooperation and alliance platform is called “What is To be Asked platform” (WTA platform).

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The submission phase runs from 17th August 2020 to 30th September 2020.

Read all about the Open Call process and the general conditions here.