Another pink in the wall

The Mexican architecture office Estudio 3.14 created the ironic proposal “Prison Wall” for the American-Mexican border fortification. Regardless of the landscape and environment, a pink 3,144 kilometres long structure stretches along the boundary. The gigantic proposal should reveal the absurdity of Donald Trump’s plan.

More than a Wall

The parameters of the design were given by Trump himself, who said that the future wall should have a height of at least 50 feet (more than 15 metres) and should have an appealing appearance. The proposal of Estudio 3.14 bases upon the work of the well-respected Mexican architect Luis Barragán, who often worked with pink fair faced concrete. But the Wall is far more than just a fortification, it’s a giant building, which also acts as a prison. The approximately 11 million Mexicans, who currently live in the U.S. without residence permit, should be jailed there. On the north side, the building houses shopping malls and an access to a wall deck, from where Americans can overlook the separated territory of Mexico. Surely, the estimated 8 billion dollars won’t be enough for this proposal, but experts expect an expense of 20 to 30 billion dollars anyway.

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Proposal with a Mission

Estudio 3.14 developed this ironic proposal to show the dimensions of such border fortification and to show the negative impact on the environment. The features of the building express the political resistance against the plans of Donald Trump. Also, with this statement, the Mexican architects wanted to be part of a national debate about an architectural topic and they tried to explore potentials and constraints of the discussion.