Pop Art Gardens

Comics never went out of fashion. Yet, the opposite is the case: Marvel and DC film adaptations let the box offices ring and graphic novels are on the rise becoming a respectable genre of literature. Same can be said of the art movement Pop Art, which is generally linked tightly to Comics. Especially the work of Andy Warhol is a golden oldie in museums and living rooms. An alive interpretation of well-known silkscreens can now be admired at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, Florida. The exhibition “Warhol: Flowers in the Factory” is running from 11th February until 30th June 2018 and recreates the artist’s flower paintings with living plants.

Warhol and Flowers?

Andy Warhol is known for his cosmopolitan artwork: Paintings of celebrities and consumer goods are his trademark. So how does this work fit into a botanical garden exhibition? It fits perfectly: It may not be so well-known, but he took about 10,000 photos of plants during his artistic career. He is also quoted as saying: “Land is really the best art”. One of Warhol’s famous silkscreens is the work “Flowers”, which features a series of modified photographs of hibiscus blossoms. The exhibition “Warhol: Flowers in the Factory” tries to recreate this work with living flowers. Through their blaze of colour and their arrangement in a square pattern, the plants look like a natural version of Warhol’s colourful silkscreens.

Inspiring Exhibition

The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens have set up a multidimensional exhibition. In the gardens and the conservatory visitors can experience the striking colours of epiphytes, bromeliads, ferns and orchids. Several plant scenes capture the playful spirit of Warhol and the characteristics of Pop Art. Inside the Museum of Botany & the Arts guests can encounter various photographs and four original silkscreens of the “Flowers” series of Andy Warhol.