Public Park Alberto Simões

Since September 2016 the Brazilian city São José dos Campos owns a remarkable landmark. The Spanish architecture office IDOM created an exciting recreation area with many attractions into a mountainous landscape. Bright red coloured and eye-catching handrails are leading the visitors through the whole site like a signpost.

Tough preconditions

The biggest challenge for the two leading architects Pedro Paes Lira and Eugénio Filipe Teixeira was the topography of the rangy site, which is 125,000 square metres in size. Although the area is enclosed by the city São José, it is characterised by steep and wooded mountain sides. But instead of moving the earth, the architects decided to adapt the topography and integrated their design into the landscape. Also, there stands a historic country house on top of one hill, which had to be preserved. Now it serves as a cultural centre.

Advertorial Artikel

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Successful result

Because of the adaption, the structures fit into the landscape like a shapeable mass and underline the special topography. The red handrails have a high recognition value and connecting all attractions of the recreation area. At these places, you can find a skate park, a zip line, a treetop path or a climbing wall. So, the public park Alberto Simões invites not only for walks, it also offers a large variety of activities in the middle of an urban area.