Surf Isle Modules

The Surf Isle Modules by Streetlife in collaboration with landscape architectural firm Site Design Group, Ltd. provide a multifunctional and playful solution for public spaces. The 2D/3D wave-shaped street furniture designs upgrade user possibilities by offering a variety of ways to relax and sit.

The Surf Isle components are modular (standard 300 cm x 150 cm) and can be combined and placed in semi-custom configurations, creating unique ‘micro landscapes’ with great diversity in use and aesthetics. The wave-shaped -podiums are made out of hardwood slats -(7 x 7 centimetres) with a raw hot-dip galvanized steel base (or CorTen) that can be RAL-colour coated as well. A double-layer powder coating offers a higher level of protection, increasing the durability of the steel base. A more sustainable variant of the Surf Isles can be equipped with All Black. All Black is made from recycled plastic and is part of Streetlife’s so-called TWIN-concept, a selection of new sustainable materials offered as an alternative to all hardwood options in the Streetlife Collection.


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Editors Pick_©Scott Shigley_Solid Surf Isle 2D_Chicago River Walk_01
The modular Surf Isles by Streetlife are a semi-custom product that provides architects with a greater freedom of choice with regard to sitting angles and positions. Photo credit: ©Scott Shigley
Editors Pick_©Scott Shigley_Solid Surf Isle 2D_Chicago River Walk_04
In collaboration with Landscape architectural firm Site Design Group, Ltd. various Surf Isles Modules were combined into a playful set-up. Photo credit: ©Scott Shigley


A great example of Streetlife’s Surf Isle Modules can be found at the Chicago Riverwalk (Illinois, USA). This is a two-kilometre-long park with a ‘promenade feeling’ that runs alongside the Chicago River in the heart of the city. Landscape architects Site Design Group, Ltd. came up with both the urban and landscape designs for the various sub-areas, which have helped -rejuvinate the riverbanks. A variety of sturdy, robust furniture from Streetlife’s Drifter Range, with various products from the Rough & Ready Range and Solid Series, were also implemented in the plan. In cooperation with site design group ltd., various Surf Isles Modules were combined into in a playful setup. The integration of green in the Surf Isles Modules has made the public space even more attractive.