India’s Big Apple

Mumbai may only be India’s second city in size, but it is without a doubt the subcontinent’s capital of commerce, glamour, and endless aspirations. In many ways, it resembles New York, although the metropolis once called Bombay is, of course, twice as large. By mid-century, the self-declared Maximum City will swell to some 40 million inhabitants: the largest urban space on earth.

The German journalist and author Michael Braun Alexander wrote an articel about Mumbai for the hundredth edition of the Topos magazine, sharing insights into the life in the city, its infrastructure and development. For the last three-and-a-half years, he has divided his time between Berlin and India, where he has worked as a foreign correspondend for Welt am Sonntag and various other publications. He shows his personal impressions of Mumbai.

You find the whole article “Mumbai” by Michael Alexander Braun in the 100th copy of Topos Magazine!

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