Topos 92 – Landscape Identity


On the one hand identification with a landscape, with one’s surroundings, requires a common history, common cultural roots and a similar perception of and interaction with this history. On the other hand it deals with individual memories, stories and experiences. This issue investigates landscape and identity as viewed from a variety of perspectives. It introduces thoughts about a new philosophy of landscape, the search for new identities for urban areas, design interventions on existing sites, the interconnections between literature and landscape, the handling of memories in post-war landscapes and stories of the land in indigenous cultures – to name but a few of the topics in Topos 92.


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A selection of articles from Topos 92:

Las Vegas is about to get a new boulevard alongside the famous Strip. How does urban design in the city of imitation create identity?

Jerry Van Eyck
Identity is not Imitation
The ability to conjure an emotional connection to the landscape and to a particular experience is the most powerful tool landscape architects have. The ongoing design and construction of a new public realm along the famous Las Vegas strip is establishing a vocabulary that is authentic to Las Vegas.


Through Unesco it was possible to redesign the cultural landscape surrounding the abbey in Lorsch, Germany.

Ursula Kellner
Landscape Strengthens History
The Lorsch abbey World heritage site at the foot of the Bergstraße in southern Hesse, Germany, has been given a new conceptual framework that makes the remnants of the complex perceptible again. Local residents have overcome their initial skepticism and the new tourist attraction is now accepted as part of the town.


Four luxury resorts present different ways toward responsible resort design. Still all of them achieve to magnify the presence and identity of the natural environment.

Jutta Kehrer
Landscapes of Imagination
Four impressive luxury resorts present different ways towards responsible resort design. Yet, all not only achieve to protect the existing natural environment but to magnify its presence and identity by making each landscape become an essential part of the resorts’ narrative and guest experience.