Trees Connect links East and West


Tree-planting project benefits cyclists: Lorberg tree nurseries donate 200 disease-resistant elms to be planted along European Cycle Route R1


200 trees spread out over 2,350 kilometres – Trees Connect is a project initiated by tree nurseries giant, Lorberg, with the intention of connecting people across borders. To promote a united and peaceful Europe, this internationally operating family firm is donating 200 particularly robust elm trees (“resista“ elms, i.e. certified as disease-resistant), which are being planted in the course of May 2015 along European Cycle Route R1 between Berlin and St. Petersburg. Once the trees are planted, a group of cyclists will be able to gain a personal impression of the new greenery flanking the east-west linkup during an intensive 12 days of biking from Lorberg’s headquarters in Tremmen (near Berlin) to St. Petersburg. The idea is that the cyclists arrive in St. Petersburg on June 10th – just in time for the 52nd World Congress of the international Federation of Landscape Architects. Here, more disease-resistant elms will be planted as part of an official ceremony, marking the successful end of the ride and the project.

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Lorberg is one of Europe’s leading tree nurseries, and Eastern Europe has played a considerable part in its historical development. Founded in 1843, this family business played a considerable role, for example, in the restoration of St. Petersburg’s Summer Garden in 2012.