Urbanity and Open Space

“Building land tends to appear of its own accord, even when one is not looking to designate it. Open spaces on the other hand, have the tendency to disappear if one fails to take active care of them!”                                                                                        Fritz Schumacher, 1932.

With this, still up to date quotation, the Vienna University of Technology invites on 28 and 29 September  2017 to an international conference under the title „Urban Densification – The Challenge for Open Space“. The event is concerned with the sustained growth of European metropolitan areas and the resulting shortage of public free space. Well-known planners are invited and present various strategies for sustainable urban spatial planning.

Urban Space Shortage

European city planners are confronted with a paradox: as the rural population continues to move into the cities, the desire for larger and higher-quality residential and leisure areas increases. Since the available space – especially in dense areas – is only available to a limited extent, this results in a space shortage. Dealing with this topic, the Department of Landscape Planning and Gardening at the Vienna University of Technology launched the conference. The following question is the focus:

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How will it be possible to do justice to the increasing importance of urban green and open spaces despite the need for denser development in towns and cities? Can we resolve this apparent contradiction? 

Lectures and Excursions

Strategies for dealing with the dwindling space reserves will be presented on the first day of the conference. Well-known experts from planning offices and city planning offices describe their approach in eight lectures. On the second day, the participants go outside: on two trips to the Stuwerviertel in Vienna and the Seestadt Aspern, various strategies of spacial planning are presented. Participants must pay a fee of 120 € (100 € early bird, until 31.05.17), whereby students can participate for free.

Registration is available here and is possible until 8th September 2017.