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Topos 89 Creating Plances

Chris Tramutola
A Stroll Above the City
The third and final section of the High Line in New York City completes the iconic, linear city park. This latest section differentiates itself from previous sections not only in design, but in playfulness, ties to its history, and views.

Alex Ulam
Opening a Forbidden Land
As a military area, Governors Island has been mostly inaccessible to the
public since the founding of the United States. The new public park addresses
technical challenges such as flood protection with its novel design.

 James Roche
Lure of the Water’s Edge
Sugar Beach, set against the silhouette of enormous sugar boats and adjacent to a sugar refinery, is a link between the water and the former industrial sites of Toronto’s waterfront.

 Hayal Özkan
A Parquet Stage for Zurich, Switzerland
The Sechseläuten square – from inner-city wasteland to urban catwalk: After a long planning phase the Sechseläuten lawn, a run-down open area usually full of parked cars, has been turned into a generous urban plaza.

 Svava Riesto, Jan Støvring
Stories Under Your Feet
The new Købmagergade emphasizes the unity of Copenhagen’s busy shopping street. Special details and carefully hewn and sawn stones for the paving are the main elements of the design.

Bente Bramming
Cathedral Square in Ribe, Denmark
Ribe Cathedral is an outstanding, monumental building of great significance in Danish history. The surrounding square has now been redesigned and has become a living square with an inherent meaning.

 Tarja Nurmi
A Pavilion in the Lakeside Park
The addition to the Gösta Art Museum in Mänttä, West Finland, has been perfectly integrated into the historical park landscape. The enhanced ensemble of park and museum complex is the result of a highly successful international cooperation.

 Natalia Pantelidou
Along the New Waterfront of Thessaloniki
The redesign of the seafront in the Greek city gives citizens the opportunity to enjoy the life-sustaining resources of water, sun and vegetation. A sequence of 13 thematic parks, or “green rooms”, interpret the local context.

 Viriato Soromenho-Marques
Four-Dimensional Landscape Architecture
The design for Tagus Linear Park at a former industrial site on the outskirts of Lisbon is based on -connections between human communities and different land uses. It has a new spatial organisation that extends beyond the park itself and integrates the area’s past with a vision of its future.

 Elizabeth K. Meyer
River Park as a Place of Movement
The design of Aranzadi Park in Pamplona, Spain interrogates its function as both green infrastructure and socio-ecological, rhythmic public space.

Special: Topos Landscape Award 2014

A New Romantic Revolution

Award Winner LOLA landscape architects, The Netherlands