Topos 94 – City Visions


Topos 94 – City Visions

Open City – Open Space
Economic Design: Chicago Riverwalk and Maggie Daley Park in Chicago
Condr O’Shea

Life Between Buildings
Green mobility: cycle superhighway in Copenhagen
Natalie Gulsrud, Henriette Steiner

Adaptive Planning
New Masterplan: football stadium and riverbank park in Bordeaux
Michael Koller

The Celebration of Co-Creation
Participation: Bathing Culture and Jubilee Park in Gothenburg
Nadin Heinich

The City That Never Was
Speculative Urbanism: city planning as a tool for economic interests
Christopher Marcinkoski

Transforming an Urban Dystopia
New Identity: radical plans for the Los Angeles River
Alexander Gutzmer

Social Structures
Connecgting Element: Under Gardiner Expressway in Toronto
Danial Roehr, Mickella Sjoquist

Withing the Big Structure
Past Visions: utopian architecture and city planning from the 1960s
Markus Richter

The City as a Digital Fabric
Urban Networks: the integral urban model of Fritz Haller
Georg Vrachliotis

Agents of Mutation
Futurecraft: predicting future scenarios with the help of design
Carlo Ratti, Matthew Christopher Claudel

Smart Transportation
New Mobility: the future of transport in the Netherlands
Arian Harbers, Danielle Snellen

Parallel Cities
Digital Urbanism: Smart Cities Tallin and Helsinki
Jörn Frenzel, Regina Viljasaar