Topos 97 – Transformation


Topos 97 – Transformation

Conquering the Third Dimension
New perspectives: Luchtsingel bridge in Rotterdam
Klaus Englert

Counter-Cultural Complexities

Extraordinary circumstances: Burning Man Festival in Nevada
Alexander Gutzmer

Between Renewal and Demolition
Constant transformation: Urban change in Shenzhen
Philipp Hoss, Julian Schäfer

Latino Vernacular
Cultural influences: Latino lifestyle in American front yards
James Rojas

From Civil to Civic

Replacement of an icon: The Ribbon of LightViaduct in L.A.
Victor J. Jones, Kelly Shannon

From Industrial to Mixed Use

Urban development: The new Werksviertel in Munich
Katrin Rismont

Defending the Neighborhood

New identity: Renewal of Granby Street in Liverpool
Anna Schabel

Being Alone
Disappeared neighbors: The Isolated Buiding Studies, Chicago
David Schalliol

Unfinished Sicily
Architectural phenomenon: Italy’s incomplete buildings
Sergio Sanna

The Non-Gesture Project
Cultural landscape: Recovery of the thermal orchards in Caldes de Montbui
Sigrid Ehrmann

Transforming the Green
Technical and cultural fusion: The Buitenschot Park in Amsterdam
Marien Berkers

Checking in with Fresh Kills
Long-term process: Update on the Freshkills Park
Wolfram Höfer