Topos 99 – Wounds


Topos 99 – Wounds HEALING THE CITY How to mend a wounded city Tanja Braemer DEFENDING EUROPEíS URBANITY European cities as terrorist targets Katja Veil DEAR KABUL... Afghan affection Ronja von Wurmb-Seibel TIME VS. SUSTAINABILITY How to build improved shelter types Mark Kammerbauer REACTIVATING SARAJEVO Search for a green urban infrastructure Haris Piplas OLD BULLET HOLES AND NEW HIGHˇRISES Beirut's post-war art scene Ute Strimmer BEYOND RECONSTRUCTION Tackling Lebanese emergency landscapes Jala Makhzoumi and Rabih Shibli BORDERLINE: TIJUANA ñ SAN DIEGO An interview with border expert Tito Alegría Alexander Gutzmer THE AESTHETICS OF DANGER The transformation of post-war seasides Erik Wegerhoff GHOST ECOLOGIES The haunting territorial shadows of U.S. militarism Pierre Bélanger and Alexander Arroyo THE GO-GETTER “Slum upgrading” – a portrait of Fabienne Hoelzel Sophie Charlotte Hoffmann