• Photo: Thomas McConnel

    Klyde Warren Park receives Award

    Klyde Warren Park received the 2014 Urban Open Space Award from the Urban Land Institute. The public open space designed by The Office of James Burnett (OJB) is the new heart of downtown Dallas.

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  • Topos_award_ceremony_LOLA

    Topos Landscape Award to Lola

    On 8 October the Topos Landscape Award 2014 was presented to landscape architects LOLA (Lost Landscapes) from Rotterdam, the Netherlands at the Rolex Learning Center of EPFL University in Lausanne.

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  • Stoss, design and planning studio, + SHoP Architect’s proposal connects the city and its river through an alternating pattern of “grid-green” development. (Photo:Stoss)

    New Dallas City Design

    Dallas CityDesign announced Stoss + SHoP’s proposal Hyper Density Hyper Landscape winning team of the Connected City Design Challenge. The proposal connects the city and its river through an alternating pattern of “grid-green” development.

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  • Photo: Fehmarn AS

    The Fehmarn Belt Tunnel

    The Fehmarn Belt tunnel, which will carry motorists and rail passengers under the Fehmarn Belt between Rødbyhavn in Denmark and Puttgarden in Germany from 2021 onward will be more than a infrastructure project.

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  • Topos-Cover_88_The_Narrative

    Topos 88 – Narrative of Landscape

    Landscapes and places tell their stories to those of us who are able to decipher them. The articles in this issue ranging from short stories to films and dramas, question the narrative of the landscape.

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  • Topos_New_Orleans_under_Reconstruction_Cover

    The Crisis of Planning

    „New Orleans Under Reconstruction: The Crisis of Planning“ gives an insight into the challenges of urban planning today. The book presents an imposingly rich anthology of voices.

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  • Topos_Cover_Designed_Ecologies

    The Landscapes of Kongjian Yu

    Kongjian Yu certainly is by far the best-known landscape architect from the People’s Republic of China. With Designed Ecologies he published a review on his Landscape Architecture.

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Anacostia Park in spring; Copyright OMA + OLIN Design

Bridge Park for Washington, DC

OMA + OLIN Design wins the 11th Street Bridge Park Competition in Washington, DC. The winning scheme creates both a crossing and place. It connects two historically disparate sides of the Anacostia River

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