• Impressions of the new Ethiopian parliament building; courtesy of Treurniet Architectuur and Michiel Clercx Architectuur

    New Parliament for Ethiopia

    Following an international design competition, the Ethiopian government has recently commissioned a Dutch/Ethiopian consortium with the design of the new Ethiopian parliament, its open spaces and the surrounding landscape.

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  • Riverbed – Olafur Eliasson (photo: Anders Sune Berg)

    Riverbed – Olafur Eliasson

    Riverbed is Olafur Eliasson’s first solo exhibition at the Danish modern art museum Louisiana. For more than two decades the famous Danish-Icelandic artist’s has been preoccupied with investigating how we sense landscape through movement.

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  • Mountain cutting and leveling – Al Amrat, © Aurel von Richthofen

    Vanishing Omani Landscapes

    Omani landscapes sustain fragile ecosystems, and human settlement, cultivation of land and water management formed a sustainable entity. Within very short time unique natural habitats, landscapes and with them the Omani culture might disappear once and for all.

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  • Stoss, design and planning studio, + SHoP Architect’s proposal connects the city and its river through an alternating pattern of “grid-green” development. (Photo:Stoss)

    New Dallas City Design

    Dallas CityDesign announced Stoss + SHoP’s proposal Hyper Density Hyper Landscape winning team of the Connected City Design Challenge. The proposal connects the city and its river through an alternating pattern of “grid-green” development.

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  • Photo: Fehmarn AS

    The Fehmarn Belt Tunnel

    The Fehmarn Belt tunnel, which will carry motorists and rail passengers under the Fehmarn Belt between Rødbyhavn in Denmark and Puttgarden in Germany from 2021 onward will be more than a infrastructure project.

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Competition in Vaasa, Finland

Mandaworks of Stockholm, in collaboration with Hosper Sweden, has recently been awarded first prize in the international competition for a new mixed-use urban development on the former horse race track Vaasan Raviradan in Vaasa, Finland.

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