• BAU 2017

    2.120 exhibitors from 45 countries, 250.000 visitors including 80.000 from abroad: Last week the world’s leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems took place here in Munich. Our dear colleague Julia from the magazine MAPPE made a video for everybody who missed it. Find more about BAU 2017 here!

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  • Underwater landscape

    Sculptures as far as the eye can see. But you cannot marvel at them in a museum but on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. So better you wear your diving goggles to take a closer look. Museo Atlántico, the amazing underwater world is situated 14 metres deep down pristine waters near the south coast […]

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  • Public Park Alberto Simões

    Since September 2016 the Brazilian city São José dos Campos owns a remarkable landmark. The Spanish architecture office IDOM created an exciting recreation area with many attractions into a mountainous landscape. Bright red coloured and eye-catching handrails are leading the visitors through the whole site like a signpost. Tough preconditions The biggest challenge for the […]

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  • Architecture for Apocalypse

    On a wavy, grassy landscape somewhere in South Dakota, a relict from the cold war is now getting repurposed. 575 former ammunition bunkers will be rebuilt into shelters, where wealthy people can back down during catastrophic events, such as a nuclear war, an asteroid strike or a viral pandemic. According to the company in charge, […]

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  • Design Competition for Clandon Park

    The National Trust, a British conservation charity is in search of a propose to restore and renew Clandon Park. During a fire in 2015, the historic mansion was substantially damaged and left as a shell. After a restoration, the majestic building from the early 18th century should house exhibitions and events in the upper floors, […]

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  • Arrival City

    Doug Saunders’ book “Arrival City – How the largest migration in history is reshaping the world” focuses on the shift of human population from rural areas to cities

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  • The City as Interface

    Does the implementation of new media technologies enable emancipation and new forms of social participation? Or is “surveillance” the defining motive?

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2016 Chicago Prize

The Chicago Architectural Club has announced its annual Chicago Prize. The open idea competition is in search of visionary concepts for an area that is located 10 miles south of downtown Chicago, directly on the shores of Lake Michigan. Closing date is 10th January 2017. The former U.S. Steel site is more than 1,600,000 m2 […]

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