23. April 2014 / Ingrid Schegk, Fritz Auweck, Stefanie Gruber

Students discover Heritage Landscapes

The topic “Heritage and Identities” has been an important focus within the 2012 LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum in Antalya (Turkey) as well as the 2013 sequel in Rome (Italy). Both regions, the Mediterranean coastal zone in southern Turkey near Antalya as well as the Italian capital Rome with its surroundings represent pluralistic landscapes characterised by different spatiotemporal layers and spatial patterns: both include unique cultural heritage and outstanding archeological sites, partially...
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Recent Issues

Recent Issues

  • New Topos 86 Topos 86 Topos 86 Construction & Landscape €33.00 Details
  • Topos 85 Topos 85 Topos 85 Open Space €33.00 Details
  • Topos 84 Topos 84 Topos 84 Urban Strategies €33.00 Details
  • Topos 83 Topos 83 Topos 83 Plants and Design €33.00 Details
  • Topos 82 Topos 82

    Topos 82 (2013): About Landscape

    €33.00 Details
  • Topos 81 Topos 81

    Topos 81 (2012): Water Landscapes

    €33.00 Details
  • Topos 80 Topos 80

    Topos 80 (2012): The World of Landscape Architecture

    €33.00 Details
  • Topos 79 Topos 79

    Topos 79 (2012): Small Scale Interventions

    €33.00 Details

11. April 2014 /

Deadline for Rosa Barba Prize extended

Photo: Robert Schäfer The Rosa Barba Landscape Prize will be announced during the 8th Barcelona Landscape Biennial (September 25th to 27th, 2014). The competition is open to all kinds of landscape and planning projects which were designed around the globe from 2009 to 2014. The deadline to submit a project is extended to May 11th, 2014. There will be one prize with a prize money of 15,000 euros. The winner and the finalists will be presented during the symposium. The projects which will be...
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09. April 2014 / Cathal O'Meara

Cycling in Guatemala City

Design without Borders is a Norwegian NGO who address developing world issues by engaging appropriate design - not aid!  DWB recently completed the “Bicycle masterplan for Guatemala City” after sending Cathal O’Meara an Irish Landscape Architect to Guatemala for 15 months to develop the plan in co-operation with Guatemala City Planning and Transport offices. This project took place within the department of Urban Mobility in the Municipality of Guatemala. Urban Mobility are responsible for...
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03. April 2014 /

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park reopens

From 5 April 2014, people will be able to explore more of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London as the newly landscaped south of the Park opens to the public for the first time since the London 2012 Olympics – with new parklands, fountains and waterways, sporting venues, arts and events and children’s play areas.  The Park will also feature four walking trails where visitors can: Explore the key sights of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Enjoy the Park’s biodiversity and...
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28. March 2014 /

Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens awarded

Every year the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche (Treviso, Italy) awards the International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens – to attract attention to a site which is particularly rich in natural, historical and creative values. This year the jury has decided to dedicate its twenty-fifth annual award to Osmace and Brežani, two villages in Podrinje, a region of eastern Bosnia, near the border with Serbia. Osmace and Brežani on the hills above Sebrenica; photo: Zijah Gafic for Fondazione...
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20. March 2014 /

Out now: Topos 86, Construction & Landscape

Architecture and landscape belong together. Both are synonymous with a region’s culture and its society. Bridges may be functional but can be captivating despite their technical sparseness. Other structures reflect the history of a place and -remind of long traditions, the presence of generations of people. If architecture and landscape are congruent they may help to establish identity, especially in places where the landscape is transformed by changing economic practices. As landscapes...
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17. March 2014 /

Urban Landscape Studies: Invitation to join an Open Access Publication

  On the base of Henri Lefèbvre’s theory of social production of space, the members of the Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Open Space at the Technical University of Munich want to initiate a discussion about the layers of the city and even more, the landscape. As an open access project on urban landscape studies they set up a collection of several essays about urbanized areas with extraordinary qualities.   Urban regions in Asia, Europe, and Africa  –  examples that...
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12. March 2014 /

Swedish artist will design Memorial Sites in Norway

Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg is the winner of a closed competition for the design of July 22 Memorial Sites in Oslo and near Utøya. This was announced on February, 27th. The memorial sites should commemorate those killed by Anders Behring Breivik in Oslo by bomb attack and the massacre on the island Utøya. The cut will be a three-and-a-half-metres-wide excavation. Jonas Dahlberg’s proposal takes the emptiness and traces of the tragic events of 22 July as its starting point. His suggestion...
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07. March 2014 / pez/rs

Peter Latz honoured with Sckell-Ehrenring

German landscape architect Peter Latz has been awarded the Friedrich-Ludwig-von-Sckell-Ehrenring 2014, presented by the Bayerische Akademie der Schönen Künste. The Academy has honoured the life’s work of an outstanding landscape architect. Peter Latz, born 1939, has influenced the profession worldwide. His Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord has played a particularly important role, and is considered internationally to be a model for the conversion of brownfield sites. Other well known projects...
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21. February 2014 /

7th International Urban Design Conference

Adelaide, South Australia, is venue of the International Urban Design Conference (photo: Doug Barber, wikipedia.org) The 7th International Urban Design Conference will be held in Adelaide, Australia, from Monday the 1st to Wednesday 3rd of September 2014. The conference “Designing Productive Cities” will explore the framework required for creating today’s cities, the process of designing and shaping our cities to make them more functional, attractive and sustainable. It will examine...
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