• Lowline

    A Park in the Cellar

    The Lowline in New York tests the feasibility of the underground park. If the project is actually built, it would have yet another attraction.

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  • The Parc aux angéliques lies opposite the historic city centre on the far side of the river and forms a contrast to the city by retaining the natural shape of the riverbank. Linear rows of trees run perpendicular to the river.

    Adaptive Planning

    The new football stadium and the riverbank park are a direct result of the master plan for Bordeaux by Michel Designee Paysagiste.

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  • topes-cover-arrival-city

    Arrival City

    Doug Saunders’ book “Arrival City – How the largest migration in history is reshaping the world” focuses on the shift of human population from rural areas to cities

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  • Topos_The_City_as_Interface

    The City as Interface

    Does the implementation of new media technologies enable emancipation and new forms of social participation? Or is “surveillance” the defining motive?

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Nordhavn Islands Project

The design for Nordhavn Islands by Danish architects C.F. Møller Landscape proposes a new unique space for Copenhagen.

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