• Smart city and urban transport

    How do visions for a “Smart City” look like, which connects the city with innovative mobility networks? New future types of urban transport will be developed in a workshop in Berlin.

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  • Growth – Challenge for European Cities

    Europe’s metropolises are faced with new challenges: for some time now, the population has been increasingly attracted to the conurbations. A conference in Frankfurt is now focusing on the opportunities and limits of growth.

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  • Sakura: Social Housing in Japanese Style

    In Vienna, architect Nerma Linsberger developed the social housing project “Sakura” and got awarded by the American Architecture Prize (AAP) 2016. The facade of the unique residential building reminds of the famous Japanese cherry blossom, after which the project is named. Major goals were the reduction of costs and a social suitability. The apartments are designed […]

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Competition: Elbbrücken Quarter, Hamburg, Germany

Atelier Loidl from Berlin won landscape competition

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