• ‘Make sense’

    „Make sense“ is the name of the exhibition about the Swedish architectural company White Arkitekter with double meaning: the achitects want their work to be understood in a sensual and meaningful way. A collection of their work can be seen in the Munich Architectural Gallery until 19th of May. White Arkitekter motivate to deal with […]

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  • Growth – Challenge for European Cities

    Europe’s metropolises are faced with new challenges: for some time now, the population has been increasingly attracted to the conurbations. A conference in Frankfurt is now focusing on the opportunities and limits of growth.

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  • The urban country living of tomorrow

    West of Munich, at the interface of city and countryside, the new urban district of Freiham Nord will be developed. Not a continuation of peripheral areas with detached houses but an extension of the densely built-up city.The appeal of the experimental, often inherent at the interface of city and country, may well be lost. A […]

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  • Hydropower Plant provides Renaturation

    Usually a hydropower plant stands for river regulation and threatened river species. At the mouth of the Hagneck River into the Lake of Biel in Switzerland, the opposite can be found: The surroundings of a new plant provide a remarkable renatured delta-landscape, where man and nature can co-exist next to each other. Responsible for the […]

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  • Bunaken – a natural paradise under strain

    Bunaken Marine National Park in Indonesia is not a lonely spot owned by nature but a well-known attraction flooded by tourists. An academic studio at the National University of Singapore developed a concept that aims to channel visitors and protect the fragile underwater ecosystem. Apparent paradise Bunaken The world’s end is a beautiful place, and […]

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  • Arrival City

    Doug Saunders’ book “Arrival City – How the largest migration in history is reshaping the world” focuses on the shift of human population from rural areas to cities

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Competition: Elbbrücken Quarter, Hamburg, Germany

Atelier Loidl from Berlin won landscape competition

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