• ‘Make sense’

    „Make sense“ is the name of the exhibition about the Swedish architectural company White Arkitekter with double meaning: the achitects want their work to be understood in a sensual and meaningful way. A collection of their work can be seen in the Munich Architectural Gallery until 19th of May. White Arkitekter motivate to deal with […]

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  • Out there | Landscape Architecture on global Terrain

    The exhibition “out there – landscape architecture on global terrain” in Munich aims to give the public a deeper understanding of the changing concepts and strategies of landscape architecture in the present, and at the same time, to represent its growing importance for the future.

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  • Growth – Challenge for European Cities

    Europe’s metropolises are faced with new challenges: for some time now, the population has been increasingly attracted to the conurbations. A conference in Frankfurt is now focusing on the opportunities and limits of growth.

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  • Landing on the moon

    For the national laboratory MAX IV in Lund in southern Sweden Snöhetta had to find innovative ideas to deal with the unique parameters. Several aspects were taken into consideration to design the 19 hectares park of the synchrotron radiation facility: mitigating ground vibrations of the nearby highways, storm water management and meeting the city’s ambitious […]

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  • The urban country living of tomorrow

    West of Munich, at the interface of city and countryside, the new urban district of Freiham Nord will be developed. Not a continuation of peripheral areas with detached houses but an extension of the densely built-up city.The appeal of the experimental, often inherent at the interface of city and country, may well be lost. A […]

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  • Bunaken – a natural paradise under strain

    Bunaken Marine National Park in Indonesia is not a lonely spot owned by nature but a well-known attraction flooded by tourists. An academic studio at the National University of Singapore developed a concept that aims to channel visitors and protect the fragile underwater ecosystem. Apparent paradise Bunaken The world’s end is a beautiful place, and […]

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  • Arrival City

    Doug Saunders’ book “Arrival City – How the largest migration in history is reshaping the world” focuses on the shift of human population from rural areas to cities

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Competition: Elbbrücken Quarter, Hamburg, Germany

Atelier Loidl from Berlin won landscape competition

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