• Tipping the Scales

    The Japanese designer Tomo Kihara has developed a tool for street debating, which allows homeless people to earn money without compromising their dignity.

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  • Morphing Medellín – Part 2

    Once known as the most dangerous city in the world, this January Medellín in Colombia was named the number one travel destination on the rise in South America. From a world full of darkness and crime, the city has stepped into the light – thanks to its own society, which remembered its values at the darkest moment. Here is the second part of the story of Medellín.

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  • Big Topos Reader Survey

    We want Topos to inspire you and enrich your work environment. We would very much like to know your reaction to the new layout and editorial concept and learn about suggestions you may have. Here we go.

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  • Timber-Architecture

    Japanese Trio

    The Portland Japanese Garden is an urban project in Oregon designed by Kengo Kuma. It features a central courtyard and buildings topped with pagoda-style, green roofs.

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  • Cloud House

    In Springfield, American artist and activist Matthew Mazzotta designed a shed-like house with an eye catchy feature: a cloud sculpture, attached to the roof. The cloud is part of a simulation of the natural hydrological cycle. The visitors should experience the function and our dependence on this system.

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  • Landing on the moon

    For the national laboratory MAX IV in Lund in southern Sweden Snöhetta had to find innovative ideas to deal with the unique parameters. Several aspects were taken into consideration to design the 19 hectares park of the synchrotron radiation facility: mitigating ground vibrations of the nearby highways, storm water management and meeting the city’s ambitious […]

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  • The Scars of Memory

    Michael St Maur Sheil has been visiting the battlefields of the First World War. On his excursions he has discovered landscapes of great beauty that still show the scars of war.

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  • Bunaken – a natural paradise under strain

    Bunaken Marine National Park in Indonesia is not a lonely spot owned by nature but a well-known attraction flooded by tourists. An academic studio at the National University of Singapore developed a concept that aims to channel visitors and protect the fragile underwater ecosystem. Apparent paradise Bunaken The world’s end is a beautiful place, and […]

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Competition: Elbbrücken Quarter, Hamburg, Germany

Atelier Loidl from Berlin won landscape competition

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