• Intelligent Cities and Healthy Regions

    The European Green Australia Summit (EUGAUS) is dedicated to the exchange and trade of ideas and services between Australia and Europe. It takes place which on 10 November in the Australian embassy in Berlin and is initiated and organised by the Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development in Berlin.

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  • From New York With Love

    How can a lounger become a star on social media? The Berlin designers from J. Mayer H Architects did this by developing the simple but clever “XXX Times Square with Love” sculptures forTimes Square in New York.

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  • Urbanity and Open Space

    The following paradox presents difficulties for European planners: as the rural population moves into conurbations, the desire for larger and higher-quality residential and leisure spaces is also increasing. Strategies for dealing with the resulting conflicts will be presented at the international conference “Urban Densification – The Challenge for Open Space” of the TU Vienna.

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  • Cloud House

    In Springfield, American artist and activist Matthew Mazzotta designed a shed-like house with an eye catchy feature: a cloud sculpture, attached to the roof. The cloud is part of a simulation of the natural hydrological cycle. The visitors should experience the function and our dependence on this system.

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  • Landing on the moon

    For the national laboratory MAX IV in Lund in southern Sweden Snöhetta had to find innovative ideas to deal with the unique parameters. Several aspects were taken into consideration to design the 19 hectares park of the synchrotron radiation facility: mitigating ground vibrations of the nearby highways, storm water management and meeting the city’s ambitious […]

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  • City Park Instead of Parking Lots

    How to create an exciting and vibrant city park out of dreary parking lots? In Dallas, the landscape architects of SWA developed the curve-shaped Pacific Plaza, to make the downtown a livelier place.

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  • The Scars of Memory

    Michael St Maur Sheil has been visiting the battlefields of the First World War. On his excursions he has discovered landscapes of great beauty that still show the scars of war.

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  • Bunaken – a natural paradise under strain

    Bunaken Marine National Park in Indonesia is not a lonely spot owned by nature but a well-known attraction flooded by tourists. An academic studio at the National University of Singapore developed a concept that aims to channel visitors and protect the fragile underwater ecosystem. Apparent paradise Bunaken The world’s end is a beautiful place, and […]

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Competition: Elbbrücken Quarter, Hamburg, Germany

Atelier Loidl from Berlin won landscape competition

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