• Pete Oudolf, garden designer of the High Line, and his wife Anja have been taking care of their own garden for over 35 years. Photo: Videostill

    Private Tour

    Pete Oudolf, the garden designer of the Highline in New York, gives an inside tour in his own garden in the Netherlands in this video.

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  • Parramatta River Urban Design © McGregor Coxall

    Smart Modelling

    Vectorworks, Inc. has launched Vectorworks Landmark 2016, a software which has the ability to do information modeling that is specific to the site. In an interview, landscape architect Eric Gilbey explains its concept and features.

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  • Maggie's Centre in Manchester

    Sanctuary of Refuge

    Famous architects donate designs for Great Britain’s cancer patients: opening of the Maggie Centre of Foster + Partners in Manchaster.

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  • The sugar refinery adjacent to Sugar Beach is one of the few remaining industrial uses on Toronto’s waterfront. Large-scale sugar boats and the unloading of raw sugar can be viewed from the site. Photo: Jesse Colin Jackson

    Sugar Beach, Toronto

    Sugar Beach, set against the silhouette of enormous sugar boats and adjacent to a sugar refinery, is a link between the water and the former industrial sites of Toronto’s waterfront.

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  • The statue of Marianne on Place de la République, symbol of the French Republic, is now

    Place de la République, Paris

    The Place de la République, one of Paris’s most emblematic squares has been transformed from a car-dominated space into the largest pedestrianized zone in the French capital.

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  • Tomás Folch and Chris Reed, after Tomás Folch, Amna Chaudry, Lauren McClure, and Sara Newey. Oyster Reef Flows. 2011.

    Perspectives on Ecology and Design

    The book Projective Ecologies, a collection of essays edited by Chris Reed and Nina Marie-Lister, opens up a new chapter in the discussion on the relationship between landscape architecture and ecological sciences.

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  • Topos_The_City_as_Interface

    The City as Interface

    Does the implementation of new media technologies enable emancipation and new forms of social participation? Or is “surveillance” the defining motive? Martin de Waal discusses these and other issues in his book.

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The used plants in the design are mostly local plants and adapted to the dry climate and droughts.

New concept for LA’s oldest park

Paris-based Agence Ter and Team won the visionary competition for the renewal of Los Angeles oldest park, the Pershing Square in Downtown.

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