• Reaping what we sow

    The community garden ‘Hort de la Font Trobada’ in Barcelona not only offers food production and ecology, but also has a social and educational focus.

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  • Barrels for London

    From June 18 on, the sculpture “The Mastaba” by Christo will be visitable in London’s Hyde Park. It’s the first large-size installation by the Bulgarian-born artist in Great Britain.

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  • Against silent oblivion

    The Rosa Park House refers to the actual purpose of monument preservation: remembering. With this project, the American artist Ryan Mendoza has made a strong case for it.

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  • Balloon Stage

    There was a special vehicle to be spotted on London’s Regent’s Canal: A golden, inflatable boat theater. It’s called AirDraft and was designed by architects Thomas Randall-Page and Benedetta Rogers.

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  • Pink Jungle in Zurich

    The installation “Jungle Cube” by Nadine Jost and Regula Luder will immerse the Zurich Münsterhof in Magenta from June 2018 for the duration of the Zurich Festival.

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  • This land is our land

    The art works of Cuban artist Ana Mendieta are about identity, home and nature. From 20 April to 22 July 2018, the Gropius Building in Berlin is showing a selection of her works.

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  • The Scars of Memory

    Michael St Maur Sheil has been visiting the battlefields of the First World War. On his excursions he has discovered landscapes of great beauty that still show the scars of war.

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  • Bunaken – a natural paradise under strain

    Bunaken Marine National Park in Indonesia is not a lonely spot owned by nature but a well-known attraction flooded by tourists. An academic studio at the National University of Singapore developed a concept that aims to channel visitors and protect the fragile underwater ecosystem. Apparent paradise Bunaken The world’s end is a beautiful place, and […]

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Urban Shade Competition – Fort Lauderdale

The city of Fort Lauderdale in Florida is looking for inspiring ideas on how to connect a new regional rail/bus station to the governmental center/museum/library hub across two long city blocks through a seamless, safe shade structure. The “Urban Shade” competition is aimed at non-designers and designers, and puts focus on the pedestrian experience, which […]

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