• Polyform and Karres en Brands designed the new museum garden in front of The National Gallery of Denmark. Photo: Wichmann+Bendtsen

    A melting pot of art and Copenhagen life

    The new landscape in front of The National Gallery of Denmark is designed as a melting pot – where art can mix with urban life. The urban space was created by Danish Polyform Architects and Dutch landscape architects Karres en Brands.

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  • Jorge Andrade Benítez, Javier Mera Luna and Daniel Moreno Flores designed the Quilotoa Crater Overlook, an increasingly popular tourist attraction 170 kilometres south of Quito in the Andes. Photo: Lorena Darquea

    Quilotoa Crater Overlook

    Because of its geographical peculiarities, Quilotoa Crater and Lake south of Quito in the Andes have become an increasingly popular tourist attraction in Ecuador. The overlook sits on the upper edge of the crater.

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  • Paris Zoological Park, Atelier Jacqueline Osty & Associés

    Paris Zoological Park

    Atelier Jacqueline Osty & Associés designed the new landscape for the zoological park. The public is now offered encounters with animals and nature in a peaceful relationship.

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  • Tomás Folch and Chris Reed, after Tomás Folch, Amna Chaudry, Lauren McClure, and Sara Newey. Oyster Reef Flows. 2011.

    Perspectives on Ecology and Design

    The book Projective Ecologies, a collection of essays edited by Chris Reed and Nina Marie-Lister, opens up a new chapter in the discussion on the relationship between landscape architecture and ecological sciences.

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  • Topos_The_City_as_Interface

    The City as Interface

    Does the implementation of new media technologies enable emancipation and new forms of social participation? Or is “surveillance” the defining motive? Martin de Waal discusses these and other issues in his book.

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Look Up Film Challenge

The videos of all 13 finalists are in the second phase of the Challenge: The Public’s Choice Award. See the videos here!

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