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How do we improve the social, technological and communicative openness of our cities? And how do we enhance the inclusion of all citizens through creative interface management?These are just a few key questions of the Baumeister Topos Cities Initiative. The Cities Initiative is based on the assumption that the City of the Future will be a Smart City: Digitalisation not only shapes our everyday lives but also the urban development. The Smart City will improve the quality of life by using technology to refine the efficiency of services and meet residents’ needs. We engage architects, planners and decision makers in politics and business in a meaningful dialogue about the Future City and we will present innovative solutions that increase the quality of urban life.

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The Playful Paradigm network is sharing the results of the transfer journey involving eight European municipalities, which tested how the use of games could be relevant for promoting urban development and social cohesion, in order to making their cities more inclusive, healthy and sustainable. The final publication sums up two years of insights, do’s, don’ts […]

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What are the best places to go for summer vacation? Why not heading to Stockholm, the Swedish capital? For the Escape Plan column, our author writes about places and projects that are a must-visit in Stockholm – especially if you’re an urban planner. Situated at Lake Mälaren’s outlet in the Baltic Sea, Stockholm resembles a […]

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Rethink Re:Place is a New Union project that makes place-making user-friendly by offering training opportunities and upskilling techniques. The toolkit serves as a support and toolbox for all municipalities, associations, planners on how to design the post-COVID-19-city and engage the community through Tactical Urbanism. How to engage a community, re-connect people to place and build […]

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