The Clearing: Memorial at Utøya

A new memorial on the island of Utøya (Norway) serves as a reminder of the victims of the terror ­attack by Anders Breivik. The inauguration took place on 22 July 2015, the 4th anniversary of the incident.


The design by 3RW Arkitekter symbolises an organic process that creates a clearing – an open room for a new beginning. It shapes the open space between the big pine trees as a major, unifying circle. The circle is set into the landscape on a slope that is slightly flatter than the surrounding terrain. The site still slopes down towards the water, however, creating an ­amphitheatre-like setting. A heavy metal ring containing the names of all the victims hangs from tall pine trees surrounding the site. The names become visible due to the light that shines through the ring. Moving around the hanging ring, one can read all the names.

Photos: 3RW Arkitekter

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