Cloud House

In Springfield, American artist and activist Matthew Mazzotta designed a shed-like house with an eye catchy feature: a cloud sculpture, attached to the roof. The cloud is part of a simulation of the natural hydrological cycle. The visitors should experience the function and our dependence on this system.

Vital System

“Act Locally, Engage Globally” is the philosophy of the work of Matthew Mazzotta. And so is the philosophy of his Cloud House. Its purpose is to strengthen the environmental awareness and to explain the significance of the hydrological cycle, by showing its function in a very simple way. During rainy days, the roof and the eaves collect the rainwater to a hidden pool, underneath the shed. Once the rain is over, visitors can activate a pumping system by stepping on pressure sensors in the inner space. The system transports the water from the pool to the cloud, where the sculpture releases the water on the house. Special gutters direct the water into flowerpots on the window sills. The watered plants are eatable and represent the vital function of the hydrological cycle.

A Place of Peace

Beside its educational mission, the Cloud House is also a place of peace and relaxation. The interior consists of two vintage rocking chairs and a wooden table. When the cloud is activated, the House is filled by a warm and pleasant sound of the drops hitting the tin roof. Because of two missing walls, the visitor has an unobstructed view of the natural surroundings. The overall design of the Cloud House is very simple and focuses on the essentials.

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