The Glow of Silence

A string of shining lamps moving quietly from rock to rock – the scenery appears bizarre and yet, through the regularity and calmness of its composition, it also strikes the viewer as quite ordinary.

"Conclusive vastness to pass" by Rune Guneriussen

The Norwegian artist Rune Guneriussen creates installations that transfer objects of everyday domestic life outside into the open. For one of his most recent artworks Guneriussen set up desk lamps in a landscape of mountains and lakes. His installation is an invasion of a natural setting, yet his “additions” do not seem like 
foreign objects. The lamps stick out of the grass like flowers growing out of the soill, 
as if their heads of light bulbs are scouting the surrounding area.

Everyday objects subtly insert themselves into natural sceneries in Guneriussen’s other 
works as well. The artist lets telephones rise against the sky or coloured chairs climb mountains. His installations question the balance between objects, time, space and humans and imply a stinging message about mass production in society as well. He configures these for a photograph, thereby freezing the constellation in a unique moment. For the artist, photography is a means to an end; his works become accessible to the public precisely because they are photographed. While Guneriussen’s artworks are ephemeral creations, their effect on the mind is, on the contrary, long-lasting.

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