Renewing a Public Site with BIM

To meet mandated BIM Level 2 framework, Ares Landscape Architects embraced the powerful BIM authoring tool in Vectorworks Landmark.

For Ares Landscape Architects, the UK government’s mandate on the adoption of BIM Level 2 framework for public projects meant they’d need to find a software program to model with data that’s easily sharable in a 3D environment and with other construction disciplines.

Naturally, BIM Level 2 prompted a shift in their workflows, one that can be demonstrated by their Nottingham College City Hub project.

Nottingham College is a joining of two preexisting colleges and is part of a larger City Centre regeneration. The challenge — accounting for a constrained site with pre-existing buildings and transport infrastructure, along with the additional regeneration surrounding the site. Coupled with the BIM requirement to collaborate closely with the project’s wider design team, it was a whole new world for Ares.

To tackle these challenges, Ares relied on Vectorworks Landmark’s industry-ready BIM capabilities and a thorough BIM execution plan (BEP).

Sam Bailey, Senior Landscape Architect and BIM coordinator at Ares, said Landmark “sped up time involved in drafting and data reporting since the two processes are integrated.” This integration also meant their data were easily communicable with other involved parties through IFC, the “common denominator” that enabled smooth exchanges.

“All of the information is embedded in the object,” Bailey said. “We were loading drawings with intelligent and quantifiable information. It was really useful.” This information then seamlessly transfers to worksheets for things like plant schedules or water usage.

Nottingham College required COBie data and a Federated Model for their records, a process which Ares completed with ease in Landmark by editing IFC data to match requirements.

Along with Landmark’s superior drafting and 3D modeling methods, Ares found the perfect tool to execute BIM Level 2 framework with confidence.